Wellington Go Club Online


Due current circumstances the New Zealand Goverment has raised their Covid-19 response to level 4. This means people need to stay at home, schools and universities will be closed. As such, the Wellington Go Club will not be holding any regular meetups in person at the University until the situation has resolved. Instead we will be encouraging our members to join us online during the regular meetups time (Tuesday from 5.30pm till late).


During the regular meetup time we will be using the NZGS discord server to communicate through voice and text. Games will be played on the Online Go Server (OGS). To join us, ensure you are on the discord server and have an account with OGS. You can find all of the members of our club online here.

What's next?

Until we know what's going to happen around the country we can't say for certain when regular meetups will resume. Suffice to say that we will still meetup online regardless to play some games, eat some snacks, and listen to some lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to.